Physiotherapy Cancer Care
- A unique physiotherapy service for people living with cancer

Client’s records

All client records will be held on a secure computer and will comply with the Data Protection Act 1998

Software will be used that includes an audit trail that identifies any changes made to the text, as in a written record.


The client’s electronic records will be saved on flash key (memory stick) regularly and kept in a locked filing cabinet.

Client's files will be password protected and will not allow access until the Chartered Physiotherapist has entered her user identity and password.  

Client records will be retained in accordance with the CSP core standard, documentation: 14 and15 (CSP 2005), which sets out the need to retain records in accordance with existing policies and current legislation.

On the advice of the CSP where client’s records have been generated by computer, a hard copy will be printed off and signed each time a treatment is given. This practice will continue until case law allows for computer-generated records to be accepted in court.

A procedure is in place if clients wish to access their records