Physiotherapy Cancer Care
- A unique physiotherapy service for people living with cancer

Here are the services that Physiotherapy Cancer Care can offer you:

Negotiated contracts to work with other organisations to help develop or manage cancer / palliative care services.


Since January 2010 Physiotherapy Cancer Care has had a contract with Lewis-Manning Hospice to develop and manage their breathlessness clinic for chronic lung conditions.

Key services



Rehabilitation will be designed around your level of ability. It will include treatments to improve, maintain or manage the deterioration of exercise tolerance and muscle strength. Therapies will also be provided to help maintain or improve joint range of movement and soft tissue flexibility. Advice and exercise will be given on improving mobility such as walking or transfers with the aim of maximising your independence. 



Group sessions

Research has demonstrated that carrying out your rehabilitation in a group provides encouragement and motivation. If you would like to consider this please discuss the possibility with the Chartered Physiotherapist. 



The Non-pharmacological approach to pain management

Treatments will address the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of pain. Advice and demonstrations will be given on the use of Transcutaneous Nerve Stimulation (TENS). Please go to 'resources' on the menu for information on TENS machines. The latter can also help manage nausea and vomiting.




The Non-pharmacological approach to breathlessness

This treatment provides you with coping strategies, advice, relaxation, positioning and breathing techniques to help you manage your breathlessness. Gentle exercise is also introduced to aid reconditioning within your disease limitations enabling you to achieve more in your daily activities. The combination of therapies enables you to regain control and therefore become less dependent and isolated. It is recommended that you come with a carer to your sessions.




Stress and anxiety management

Treatments include relaxation and massage therapy 



Moving and handling advice   

Advice and demonstrations of moving and handling techniques are offered to individual clients, carers or health care professionals.



All treatments comply with the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP) rules and standards of professional conduct.